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Talk of Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr having a baby together has been in the news lately, but we’re still waiting for the lovebirds to come together on a different kind of project. You’ll recall that Brittany has done a little singing as a contestant on “American Idol.”

Before she became Mrs. Jason Aldean, Brittany appeared on “American Idol” back in 2012. She wowed judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson with this extremely soulful rendition of Joss Stone’s “Spoiled.”

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It’s clear Brittany has the pipes, not to mention the good looks, to pull off a music career of her own. So, why hasn’t Jason gotten her into the studio for a duet yet?

It may have something to do with their widely different tastes in music. Jason and Brittany are definitely soul mates, but they’re not well-matched musically.

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Jason tells “People,” “I’ll play songs for her, but it’s hard because she’s not a fan of a lot of the stuff I’m a fan of. She’s not big into rock music and that’s one of my biggest influences. She doesn’t get that whole side of it. She’s more hip hop, R&B, pop stuff.”

Come on, Jason. There’s got to be some song you two can work on together?

In the meantime, Jason has recruited one of country’s hottest new stars, Kelsea Ballerini, to sing with him on the new duet, “First Time Again.” It’s on Jason’s brand-new album, “They Don’t Know,” available now.

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