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If you haven’t checked out Josh Turner’s new album, “Deep South,” there’s a song on the project that’s way different for Josh. It’s called “Hawaiian Girl,” and Josh was inspired to write it while on vacation in the island state with his wife, Jennifer.

Josh bought a little ukulele and just came up with the song while listening to Hawaiian music on the island. He even recruited the Hawaiian group Ho’okena to sing on the song with him.

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It’s the happiest song we’ve heard in some time and just perfect for those warm summer days coming up.

Not everyone loves it, though.

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We caught up with Josh at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas earlier this month, where he told us about a crazy encounter with someone who definitely isn’t a fan of Josh’s new sound.

He told us before the big show, “Somebody told me yesterday they didn’t like that song. Like, flat out told me to my face they didn’t like that song. I was like, ‘At least I know where you stand.’ I don’t know how you could not like that song, but whatever.”

It takes a lot of guts to tell a star like Josh that you don’t like his music. We had to ask him if this kind of thing happens often?

Says Josh, “Every so often. I’ve had people say stuff online with social media. But I’ve never had anybody say it to my face. I was like, ‘OK.’ It’s a new age we’re living in.”

We’ll say! Don’t worry about that one guy’s opinion, Josh. “Hawaiian Girl” is our jam up at the Rare Country office.

Right now, Josh is riding high on the country chart with his latest hit, “Hometown Girl,” which is the lead single from “Deep South.”

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