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Dierks Bentley is a mad man. If you need the proof, just watch this insane video of his annual lake jump, which was posted on Jan. 12. He usually does the jump into the freezing water at the lake near Nashville on Dec. 31, but he was a little late this year.

Dierks says, “I’m about 13 days late, but I’m very superstitious. I can’t miss this. We’ve done it every year for 15 years. So, I’m here by myself. To make up for the fact that I’m late, I’m going to try to do a minute for every day that I’m late. I’m going to go for 13 minutes, which is crazy. Usually we do 13 seconds, but I feel like I gotta make good on missing the lake jump.

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Before he got in, Dierks found out the water temperature was a very frigid 36 degrees.

He said, “This is crazy.”

All Dierks could say as he walked into the nearly freezing water was, “Wow!” He even had a crazy breathing technique to help deal with the cold.

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As the minutes wore on, Dierks got a little dizzy in the water, but he held on like a real trooper. He actually stayed in the water for a total of 14 minutes before easing his way out.

After giving a little shoutout to his fans to welcome in 2016, Dierks realized it was 2017 and said, “I think I just lost a year of my life in that water. No, I feel pretty good.”

We’re glad you made it, Dierks!

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