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Scotty McCreery has taken on a surprising new role working with college students this fall. PR students at Southern Methodist University in Dallas are actually studying Scotty’s social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to learn how Scotty interacts with his fans. They’re also working up a few tips on how he might be able to better engage online with his millions of fans.

We caught up with Scotty just after he finished his first class session with the students via Skype. Talking about himself in a classroom setting was a little odd for him.

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Scotty tells Rare Country, “It’s always weird, but it’s cool. It’s a cool weird. I’m glad they’re doing it. Hopefully I can help them out in their class. It seems like a fun project for class, I would think. A little different than your typical research paper. It should be a fun little thing we’re doing there. Glad to get to know some kids in Dallas.”

At 23, Scotty isn’t that much older than the students in the class, but he’s excited to take on the role of “Professor Scotty” and share some of his social media experience with them.

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“I grew up really quick, so I think I grew up past college maybe at 17 or 18,” says Scotty, who attended North Carolina State University. “I’ve lived a little bit of the college life and now we’re out here on the road. Hopefully, I can give them a little knowledge — a little something.”

Stay tuned to Scotty’s social accounts to see how this class project turns out.

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