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Miranda Lambert doesn’t sing backup for other artists very often, but when she does, you better listen up.

Back in January 2016, Miranda hosted a fundraiser concert in Nashville with a few of her friends. Her longtime guitar player, Scotty Wray, was there backing her up, and Scotty’s famous brother, Collin Raye, also made an appearance.

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In this clip, you can see Miranda singing backup with Collin on the Eagles’ classic, “Desperado.” Eagles member Glenn Frey had just passed away, so the performance was a tribute to his massive impact on the music world.

Of course, Miranda slayed “Desperado” at the Kennedy Center Honors late last year. The Eagles had been slated to be honored, but they decided to postpone the honor due to Glenn’s illness. They were hoping he’d recover and be able to attend the Kennedy Center Honors in 2016. Unfortunately, they’ll be down one member should they accept the honor later this year.

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On a happier note, Miranda is back in full force with a brand-new single, “Vice,” now climbing the country charts.

At that event in January, Miranda also performed a song Scotty Wray wrote titled “Scars.” She hasn’t released a recorded version of that song yet, but we’re hoping it ends up on her new album, which is expected to be released later this year.

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