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We have long loved the harmless banter between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on the set of “The Voice.” But the Valentine’s Day date that the show recently shared between the two coaches ended up feeling both sweet, and downright awkward.

“I got you a present,” Adam told Blake over a candlelit table with champagne bubbling up in glasses in front of them. “I wanted to get you something that you would really appreciate.”

“You got me a present?” Blake asked Adam. “You got me beer.”

Aww, how sweet.

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“What did you get for me,” Adam then asked Blake.

“I got you something that will mean the world to you,” said Blake. “I got you a mirror.”

From there, Adam went on to admire himself in the mirror, beaming about just how beautiful he is.

Aww, how awkward.

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Of course, the date was all in good fun, as it was a great reminder for “The Voice” fans that the show returns Monday, Feb. 27. But before then, Blake will be busy as he kicks off his Doing It To Country Songs Tour in Bakersfield, California on Feb. 16 alongside “The Voice” season 11 champion Sundance Head and his former “The Voice” team member RaeLynn.

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