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It snowed in Tennessee over the weekend, leaving many in the state to do whatever they could to best enjoy the white stuff falling from the sky.

Yet. for Rory and Indiana Feek, the rare moment was bound to bring some more familiar sadness, since their wife and mom weren’t there to share it with them.

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“We woke up to a winter wonderland outside our window today,” Rory captioned the video on their YouTube page. “I took some video of the snow falling in the early morning and after breakfast, Hopie and I took Indy out sledding in her old plastic swimming pool.”

With a video that mixed images of laughter and fun along with the somber landscape of the family burial ground that now includes Joey in it, Rory reflected on winter times of old.

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“I remember playing in the snow with my brothers and sisters as a little boy in Kansas,” he wrote in his blog detailing the chilly day. “With thin jackets and hole’y tube socks on our hands for gloves and being so cold, I never thought I’d get warm again. But things are different now. Thank God. I’ve got a closet full of warm clothes and a drawer filled with gloves of all sizes (though we all forgot to take gloves w us playing in the snow today)… and our farmhouse is always warm. And so, Hopie and I – with the baby in tow – did our best to enjoy wintertime in Tennessee today. To make some memories that’ll last long after this pretty snow is gone.”

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