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There is nothing as powerful as the sheer power of music. Music can make bad days good and good days bad, and it can remind us that we all go through times of pain and heartbreak.

It was this pain and heartbreak that propelled Kelly Clarkson to perform what just might become one of her most memorable performances yet on the Feb. 25 episode of “American Idol.”

Leave it to the very first “American Idol” winner of all time to return to not only put on an ultra-emotional performance of her song “Piece by Piece,” but to also get the whole world talking yet again about the singing contest that put all other singing contests on the map.

The song was so raw and so powerful that it even had judge Keith Urban, and the rest of the world, sobbing over the sheer emotion of it all.

“I’m pregnant and it’s nostalgic and I can’t believe it’s the last season,” the expecting Kelly told “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest of the song, which tells the story of a father abandoning his own child. “Yeah, really sorry I just bawled.”

The delivery of the song was heartbreaking and emotional and just downright perfect.

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