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Blake Shelton is just as much of a country singer as he is a coach on NBC’s “The Voice.”

After all, he is the longest running judge on the reality television singing competition aside from Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Together, the bromance buddies have been on the show since it began back in 2011.

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But, there’s a saying that goes, “Too much of a good thing is bad.” And, Blake may have realized that when he brought his mentoring skills to one of his recent concerts as part of his fall tour.

It all happened on Oct. 1 at the TD Garden arena in Boston. Blake paused during his performance to lecture his fans on their musical participation. At first, things started out smoothly, as the country crooner gave the crowd of thousands props for being on pitch.

“You’re right on the note. It’s amazing!” said Blake enthusiastically. “For 29,000 people in here it’s unbelievable for that many people to be right on pitch. I actually think the really good singers are making up for the really sucky ones, and it comes together and that’s cool.”

Blake also let fans know that they had “really good tempo,” and could stay “on the beat.” However, the mood in the audience shifted once Blake began handing out constructive criticism.

“The thing that bothers me about your singing is just the actual tone of your voices,” said Blake, “It’s like, the sound of your voices is irritating.”

Laughs then became wild boos following that remark. But, that didn’t stop Blake from carrying on with his assessment.

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“Hey, I can take it. This is what I do. I mean of all of the good things that I just said to you still there’s something. It’s not just that you’re all country music fans trying to sound country. It’s a bigger deal than that. It’s not that you all have just been drinking all day probably. It’s not that. It’s a bigger deal than that,” said Blake before getting to his main point.

Turns out that Blake’s entire monologue was him just trying to be silly, and trying to find a creative segue into his next song. “You all know what you sound like? You all sound like a bunch of damn hillbillies,” said Blake before turning out a killer rendition of his 2010 hit, “Hillbilly Bone.”

Oh, Blake you really got us good!

Speaking of “The Voice,” former contestant and Team Blake member RaeLynn, who appeared the second season of the show, has joined Blake as the opening act on his tour.

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