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Let’s face it — nobody can sing Michael Jackson’s music better than the late icon himself.

But, two talented contestants on season 11 of NBC’s “The Voice” got pretty darn close.

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It all happened on Oct. 10 during the battle rounds of the hit singing competition series. Former child country star Billy Gilman faced off against Chicago-based schoolteacher Andrew DeMuro on Michael’s monster hit “Man in the Mirror.”

In this video, you’ll see that both contenders truly brought their A-game. The duo showed off their excellent vocal range by trading inspirational lines on soaring high notes. It was a performance that left the entire panel of judges uncertain as to whom to choose as the winner of the battle.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more evenly matched battle,” said seasoned coach Blake Shelton, “Billy has this voice that just cuts through everything. It’s just like this laser voice, and it’s so good man. Then Andrew has all of these little runs that he throws in there that separates [him] from Billy. So, I don’t think you can go wrong here.”

Alicia added that Billy started out in a crystal space, while Andrew brought both a “spirit” and “life” to the performance. Miley thought that they blended together so well.

“It’s not an easy thing,” admitted Adam, who had a tough decision to make as their coach. “Andrew, you have shown me a tremendous leap in ability. You have such a soulful rich tone. Billy, you taught me you’ll do your homework, and you will refine your craft as well as anybody out there.”

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With only one person to choose, Adam went with Billy. Following his victory, a misty-eyed Billy said, “It’s been a struggle. I just feel so happy, so validated, because that hasn’t happened in a very long time.”

Billy first reached stardom in 2000 at age 11 when he released his Top 20 country hit “One Voice.” Be sure to keep up with his journey on “The Voice” on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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