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Remember Danielle Bradbery? Well, she’s the country singer who won over coach Blake Shelton on Season 4 of “The Voice.”

At the time, she was a shy 17-year-old who had never performed in front of a large studio audience. That is, until her blind audition.

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Despite having very little stage experience, the youngest aspiring star in the competition came out the winner. She went on to release a self-titled debut album and a top 20 hit single, “The Heart Of Dixie.”

Now, at 20 years old, the blonde beauty is back and full of so much confidence. In fact, she’s got the pictures to prove it! Danielle has taken to social media with a whole spread of, shall we say, hot, hot, hot photos showing just how much she’s grown up!


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As you can see in the Instagram shot above, Danielle sports a sexier image compared to her previous innocent teenage look in songs like “The Heart Of Dixie” and “Young In America.” She flaunts her long, long legs in a flattering black ensemble and accents her gams with a pair of dangerously hot strappy heels. We’re jealous y’all!

“Holy smoke show🔥🔥🔥.” One fan wrote. Another fan added, “Carrie Underwood better watch out because you’re about to take the crown for best legs in country music! 😏🙌🏻😍”

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Legs aren’t all that Danielle has to be proud of though. In fact, the former “The Voice” champion has been working on new music. Her photoshoot is actually the lead up to her new single, “Sway,” which drops June 2 at midnight.

Check out some more of Danielle’s stunning pictures below!


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Put a smile on your face, sends you right into a daze

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midnight et TONIGHT!! (and this is just the beginning 😉💃🏼) #sway

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