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Many stars in country music have taken up the role as key adviser on NBC’s “The Voice” since the show’s inception in 2011.

That have included Shania Twain, Luke Bryan, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire and even Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

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You’d think that Trace Adkins would be on that star-studded list too, since he and long-running “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton are close friends and onetime duet partners.

But, that’s just not the case.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Trace revealed that he and Blake discussed the possibility of him joining the program. But, Blake decided it wasn’t a good idea to have his buddy on the show.

“He said I was too mean,” Trace explained. “He said some of these people are fragile and they don’t need to be subjected to me.”

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Despite Blake’s decision, which we can only assume was at least partially a joke, Trace is no stranger to reality television. In fact, he has a history of working on the NBC network, as a contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The 55-year-old singer appeared on the show twice, and won his second season.

So, perhaps Blake will come around in due time!

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