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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill just celebrated 20 years of marriage, and they look like they’re more in love today than ever before. Just look at those smoking hot Instagram photos they’ve been posting lately.

Tim says it’s not that difficult for him to look sexy since he’s a guy. He can get ready and be out the door in just a matter of minutes.

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“It’s much harder for her,” Tim says.

Faith strongly agrees, adding, “It is harder for me because it takes me three hours to get dressed!”

Keeping their marriage sexy goes far beyond looks, though. Faith says her best advice for couples looking to spice up their marriage is to “just be yourself. Be real.”

She explains, “I think you just gotta have fun. You just gotta laugh. Laughter is sexy.”

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Just like any married couple juggling families and careers, Tim and Faith live crazy lives and get into arguments from time to time. It only serves to make their union stronger, though.

“That’s part of growing as humans,” Faith says. “That’s part of growing as a couple. I think you just have to let some things roll off your shoulders and just move on and keep going and holding hands. You’re climbing up the mountain together. You just have to have a little fun.”

Keeping life in perspective is important for making long-term relationships last, too.

Faith adds, “We just kind of are guests here on this earth. We really should enjoy it.”

Tim and Faith are celebrating their love affair with the Soul 2 Soul World Tour 2017 launching this April. Go to for dates.

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