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If you come to Nashville, you can actually take a tour that will drive you by the homes of the stars, but it still leaves things to the imagination, like what’s inside those celebrity houses?

In a version of “The Newlywed Game” filmed for “Architectural Digest,” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill hint at what their decor might be like. And as compatible as they are musically, the pair doesn’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to home furnishings. In fact, they’re a bit of an odd couple.

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This hilarious Q&A reveals that Faith likes to keep things neat and tidy, while Tim, well, he tends to miss the hamper from time to time. “Like every day, every time you take a shower,” Faith said.

But the couple did agree on one very important thing. When Tim was asked what item of Faith’s that he would get rid of if he could, he said, “Maybe your cell phone.” When Faith was asked the same question of Tim, she gave the same reply.

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The quick video wasn’t without its glimpse of the romance this duo shares, though. When Faith asked Tim what was the best part of living with her, he lit up as he answered, “I love her. She just brightens every room she walks into, especially mine.”

Look for Tim and Faith in an upcoming issue of “Architectural Digest,” where they’ll take us on a tour of their vacation home in the Bahamas.

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