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It feels like the entire world has fallen in love with Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren’s little girl, Willa Gray. The precious baby girl has only be in the United States for a few months, and we’ve been riveted to social media as we’ve watched her experience a series of firsts, including her first trip to New York, her first taste of tofu and her first visit to the beach. The couple adopted Willa from Uganda.

While Thomas and Lauren are preparing for the August arrival of their second baby, it seems that Willa is doing her part to get ready for her little sister’s arrival, too. She’s proving her independence by learning how to feed herself.

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In an Instagram Story, Daddy showed how his daughter was doing her dead level best to get scrambled eggs from her plate to her mouth. And you can tell by the look on her face she wants to make her parents proud. Or maybe she’s just hungry.


When she finally does get a bite to her mouth … and a little on her face … you can really see the sense of accomplishment. And we aren’t going to lie, we felt exhilarated for the munchkin!


But, as most kiddos do, when most of her yummy breakfast was ending up on her face, her lap and the floor, she put down the fork and used another handy utensil—her fingers.


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Obviously, Willa is performing age appropriate tasks that may make life a little easier for mom and dad when her baby sister arrives. And the thought of how precious this family is going to be with a new infant is almost too much for us to bear.

Baby No. 2 is scheduled for an August arrival, and we can’t wait!

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