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Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are making a lot of big decisions these days as they prepare to welcome two baby girls into their family in the coming months. Perhaps the biggest decision is what to name their daughters.

They’ve been going through their family tree for inspiration, but they’re having some challenges there.

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Thomas says, “We would love to keep at least some form of a family name. All those family names would be guy names, so maybe we can make it more girly.”

Right now, the baby names are still up in the air.

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“We don’t know yet,” Thomas says. “I think it’s going to come to us.”

Thomas and Lauren have finalized the adoption of a little girl from Africa, and they expect she’ll be at home with them in a few months. Lauren is also 18 weeks pregnant with another baby girl.

On the music front, Thomas is playing sold-out shows around the country on his first headlining trek, the Home Team Tour. For dates go to

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