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Alcohol is often referred to as “truth serum,” but for a sweet girl named Kassidy, it wasn’t alcohol that was causing her to spill her guts, it was anesthesia. And her truth, or what she thinks was her truth, involved handsome Luke Bryan.

It seems that pretty Kassidy had her wisdom teeth removed and required a LOT of anesthesia to get through the process. Apparently, Kassidy is also a country music fan with her eyes on Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt. And like most people who are under the influence of the awareness-altering drug, the pretty blonde’s grasp on reality was somewhat skewed.

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In a series of YouTube videos, we hear Kassidy giving her best rendition of a Luke Bryan-Sam Hunt mashup before fearing near death from a passing truck. The truck caused a diversion that sent the sweet girl down another path that had her confessing to sharing an intimate smooch with Luke. But she immediately regretted sharing that tidbit with Mom.

“He kissed me, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you,” she says, bursting into tears. “He’s gonna be so mad I told you.” Kassidy pleads with her mother to not tell Luke that she revealed their sordid secret, saying, “He’s going to be so mad.”

In a second video, Kassidy confesses that she’s marrying Sam Hunt in her family’s garage, but they had not actually gone on a date yet. Sorry Kassidy, you missed the boat on that one. Sam got married this weekend.

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Neither Luke nor wife Caroline, or Sam and his new wife, Hannah, have commented on this indiscretions yet, but we feel pretty sure that they’ll get a great chuckle out of it just like the rest of us have.

Props to Kassidy for being OK with her mom sharing this hilarious video, too.

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