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It wasn’t very long ago that most of your favorite country stars were just country music fans hoping to meet their heroes. So, when a young country fan got the opportunity to meet her favorite, Faith Hill, the moment wasn’t wasted on her.

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At the April 9 Soul2Soul show in Tupelo, Mississippi, Faith met one of her young fans, Rosie, during a backstage meet-and-greet, and it must have felt like she was looking in a mirror. The audacious little blonde held Faith’s hands and looked her straight in the eyes as her mother prompted her to sing “Mississippi Girl” with the superstar. But as Faith reached into her memory to come up with the song’s chorus, little Rose started right up.

Was so sweet to meet & sing with Rosie, a fellow Mississippi Girl. #soul2soul #speaktoagirl

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When the pair finish the chorus to a round of applause, the delighted Faith pulls Rosie to her in a warm embrace and, cheek to cheek, they bear a sweet resemblance to each other. And we can’t help but think that the next generation of Faith Hill may have been discovered in Tupelo.

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The Soul2Soul Tour heads to Charleston, South Carolina on April 20, Birmingham, Alabama on April 21 and Atlanta, Georgia on April 23 with opening act NeedToBreathe, then closes out April with Seth Ennis in St. Louis, Louisville and Indianapolis.

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