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Internet sensation turned country music star, Kane Brown had a serious case of the nerves. Minutes before playing in front of thousands at CMA Fest in Nashville, Kane reminisced about how he has played in front of bigger crowds. Yet, this time felt different, and the always calm, cool and collected Kane Brown was downright nervous.

But just then, something amazing happened.

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As he was getting ready for our interview, he noticed his family walk by on their way to the riverfront stage. “I just found out they were coming 15 minutes ago and now I see them walk by, so it’s cool,” he says. “My mom came all the way from Wisconsin, which is like a 16 hour drive for her. It’s cool that they support me.”

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And to understand Kane, you need to understand who his Nana is and why she is so important to the country music sensation. “Nana texted me 15 minutes ago,” he says. “It kinda comforts me. My nana is my girl.”

“We just wanted to take a quick trip to surprise him,” Nana said. “He’s always been a very sweet boy. He’s always been a nana’s boy. We’ve always had a special bond I think. I just about tear up every time I think of him.”

And all of a sudden, the nerves gave way to nothing but love.

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