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In a world where everyone seems to be rushing from here and there trying to fit in as much as they can in their already crowded schedules, there are certain moments that can force the whole world to stop for a moment and take in the simple pleasures of life.

Especially when that moment involves a father, a son and a pig.

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It all started with Hannah Himes posted a video on her Twitter page April 16 of a father presenting his son with a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

“I kind of tested you today to see you react, but you never once complained,” the father says to the son after what looks to be a long day of working on the farm. “This is something you and I are going to do and it’s going to take all day to do it.”

As the child says OK, the father wonders how he can say yes to something that he doesn’t know. But perhaps it’s a case that the son is in for anything that involves spending time with his daddy. Eventually, the child is surprised with tickets to see the Chicago Cubs. “Me and daddy are going to Wrigley Field,” he cries, as a pig snorts in the background.

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The video is now well on its way of going viral, including garnering the attention of Chicago Cubs players such as Anthony Rizzo. “This is awesome,” he writes. “When [you] come for the game Kolt I’ll have BP passes waiting for you. No better place to see the @Cubs then right on the field.”

It most definitely is awesome – that’s for sure.

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