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Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott touched millions of hearts with her inspirational anthem, “Thy Will,” which she wrote to help her cope with a miscarriage. The song was the lead single from Hillary’s album with The Scott Family, “Love Remains,” and the project went on to win two Grammy Awards earlier this year. The personal lyrics in “Thy Will” about trusting God’s plan even though you don’t understand His reasons apply to so many different situations in life.

Listening to those lyrics on this Good Friday, we can’t help but think of God’s own son, Jesus, thinking something similar to the lyrics of “Thy Will” as he gave up his life on the cross. He even questioned God asking, “Why have you forsaken me?”, according to accounts in the books of Matthew and Mark.

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Pretty powerful stuff.

Now, Hillary is back in country music mode with the new Lady Antebellum album, “Heart Break,” due out June 9. The band will launch their big tour behind the new album May 26 in Bakersfield, California, and Hillary’s bandmate Dave Haywood tells Rare Country they couldn’t ignore what a huge impact “Thy Will” has had on fans.

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He says, “We’ve already been trying to put together a set list, and yeah, we absolutely are going to do ‘Thy Will’ — at least a large portion of it, if not the entire song. I just think it’d be really special and just a powerful moment in the show.”

Dave admits he got emotional watching Hillary and her family win those Grammy Awards for the inspirational project.

“I mean, literally, I was watching on a laptop on the live stream just boo hooing and crying,” Dave says. “I was so excited to see that.”

Since “Thy Will” was a big hit with Christian fans, Dave has a feeling it will lead some of those new fans of Hillary’s to come check out the full Lady Antebellum show for the first time.

“That song is a really huge song on country radio, let alone just overall with streaming,” Dave says. “People have just fallen in love with it.”

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