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Aside from having adrenaline-pumping hits, country music powerhouse Carrie Underwood is known for belting out gorgeous ballads and being able to carry a long note for quite some time.

And, one such song that shows those stunning skills off is her smoking single, “Blown Away,” from her fourth studio album of the same name.

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The dark ballad tells the harrowing story of a young child dealing with an alcoholic father — something that one of the co-authors of the song, Chris Tompkins, knows a little bit about.

“I grew up with a lot of alcoholism and around a lot of alcoholism,” Chris tells WZTV FOX 17, “Growing up, I’d actually go to A.A. meetings with my family, and I heard a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have been hearing at that age. I’m sure I picked up a lot of stuff. Real life stuff.”

Chris and his buddy Josh Kear came up with the track that ended up becoming a Grammy-winning, No. 1 hit. But, the two lauded writers are no strangers to penning hits for Carrie. In fact, they also wrote Carrie’s smash “Before He Cheats.” Just like that song, “Blown Away” was meant for the blonde-haired bombshell.

“Carrie was about two or three singles into her third record, and she hadn’t even announced that she was looking for songs or anything yet. We just kind of knew that the song search would start again soon,” said Josh, “I remember having the discussion that we wanted a track that was as cool as a Coldplay track. We wanted a melody that was as cool as a Rihanna track and a lyric that sounded like it belonged on a Carrie Underwood record.”

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“I listened to it. I loved the song. I called my manager, and said ‘I have to have it,’” added Carrie. “It’s just dramatic and juicy and there’s something so cinematic about this song. It just seemed to work and I was like, ‘I can’t imagine anybody else singing this song. It has to be me. I have to sing this song.’”

See Carrie perform “Blown Away” on her Storyteller Tour below.

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