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“Nashville” fans were certain their hearts would never heal after the untimely death of Rayna Jaymes last season, but thanks to a series of new announcements, including a thumbs-up on season six, we’re all reminded that life definitely goes on in episodic television.

Charles Esten and Hayden Panettiere, or Deacon and Juliette, hijacked “Nashville’s” Instagram page to break part of the big news. On the set of a “Nashville” rehearsal, the pair shared the announcement with fans and crew alike, their grins definitely reflecting how excited they are.

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@Charles_Esten and #HaydenPanettiere have some VERY exciting news for you, #Nashies!

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Later, on CMT, we found out that the second half of the fifth season will make its debut on June 1.

And, because that just wasn’t enough great news, the show’s executive producer, Marshall Herskovitz, teases us a little with what the second half of the season and the future of “Nashville” in general holds. Obviously, the show has been a nice blend of the music business and the relationships between the characters, but as those characters have developed, we’ve become more woven into their lives. However, it looks like “the biz” could take a more prominent role again.

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Now, we know that many of you swore off of “Nashville” after we lost sweet Rayna, but isn’t there a small part of you that wants to see how Deacon carries on without her and how Maddie and Daphne pick up the pieces without their mom? And what about Scarlett and Gunnar’s big news?

Our DVRs are set.

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