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As anticipation continues to grow for the upcoming release of George Strait’s “Strait Out of the Box: Part 2,” the box set celebrating the king’s career from 1996 to the present, George and his team continue to single out great country singers to perform some of the superstar’s biggest hits.

Whether it’s intentional or merely coincidentally, so far the artists who have been given the honor of covering George’s hits have all hailed from the Lone Star State, too. Aaron Watson is from Amarillo, Randy Rogers from Cleburne, and the newest cowboy to tackle a hit Strait tune is Cody Johnson from Huntsville.

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“You Look So Good in Love” was a soaring country waltz of heartbreak and regret that topped the charts in 1983. It also marked the first time that George shot a music video for one of his songs.

Cody may be a new name for many country music fans, but in Texas he’s a bit of a god. He’s spent the past 10 years touring his home state and building a loyal fan following. In August of 2016, he released his sixth studio album, which debuted on the mainstream country charts at an impressive No. 2, right behind Blake Shelton. What makes it so impressive is that he did it as an independent artist, meaning he didn’t have a big record label’s marketing money.

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Now the slender, ginger cowboy travels around the country taking his true country sound to fans across the map.

And if you think that cowboy hat, boots and buckle look authentic on Cody, they should. He’s a former bull rider.

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