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We sure miss having George Strait out on the road like other country stars, but now we’re starting to see why he wanted to spend a little time at home now.

George and his family just finished up his annual George Strait Team Roping Classic and when we say “family,” it truly does involve ever member of his family. This includes everyone from the King of Country Music all the way down to his grandson, Harvey (George III). A few years back, George and his son, Bubba (George Jr.), were on horseback competing in the exciting event, but now, the country superstar prefers to let the younger cowboys do all the roping and winning while he participates in a more ceremonial capacity.

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Every year on the Saturday of the competition, the roping chute is auctioned off for charity. George makes the first bid and also wins the chute, but he then turns it back over to be auctioned again, raising even more money for charity.

But bidding is tough work. It involves raising your hand over and over again at the right time. The pressure is almost unbearable — unless you’re Harvey Strait, of course, and Grampy George is behind you coaching you through the process.

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That’s what happens in this incredibly precious video taken during the auction at the GSTRC this year. Little Harvey stands on the deck of the Strait family’s box and waits for his handsome grandpa to give him the OK to make a bid. His little arm shoots up in the air, his number is locked in and George chuckles as he also has to tell Harvey to put his arm back down. Soon, the little one has an audience that includes his dad and Grandma Norma. It’s absolutely hilarious.

It won’t be long before little Harvey is competing in team roping, maybe with his dad. And let’s not forget, George and Norma welcomed their first granddaughter to the family last September, so there could be a barrel racer or rodeo queen there, too. Or heck, maybe she can team up with big brother Harvey in the family biz.

If all this Strait talk has you craving some of the King’s music, make sure you have his “50 Number Ones” in your collection!

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