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Most everyone has a ritual in the morning that helps them get their day off to a smooth start. It usually involves washing your face, brushing your teeth and, of course, going to the bathroom. It’s such a standard routine, we can do it with our eyes closed.

Thank goodness Brett Eldredge’s eyes were wide open when he began his morning. Because waiting for him in the bathroom was his worst nightmare — a snake coiled up in the toilet bowl.

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Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳

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In a video he shared on his Instagram page, Brett recalls the story and comments on the size of the snake, which only makes it creepier. He then shows a man who we believe is his father, removing the reptile from the commode with a piece of wood and carrying it outside.

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As the camera pans around the house, we see only men in the background, but all are keeping a good amount of distance between them and the snake, which kinda proves that it isn’t just women who freak out over the presence of a slithering serpent anywhere, much less the house. Not that we blame these fellas. Brett is right, that sucker has some girth!

Brett and his companions appear to be at the beach for one final coastal fling before he hits the road with Luke Bryan on the Kill the Lights Tour, which kicks off Feb. 16 in Huntington, West Virginia.

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