Who doesn’t love a great graphic tee? We sure do — our closets are filled with super soft t-shirts bearing our favorite quotes, fun images, concerts we’ve been to and the names of bars where we spend our Saturday nights. But Dustin Lynch’s wardrobe of t-shirts has seemed a little more random lately … unless you were really paying attention.

The talented young country star, whose smile rivals Luke Bryan’s, has been sharing images from his live shows on his Instagram page. In each, he’s wearing a different t-shirt that has a phrase or sentence that doesn’t always have a whole lot of meaning to us. But there’s a good reason.

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Read those captions attached to each photo and you can quickly figure out that Dustin has been stealthily feeding us the track list for his upcoming album, “Current Mood.”

It started on August 4 with track No. 1:

"She's a California red in a dive bar …" #one #tres

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And has continued throughout the month:

"If you gotta be that cold …" #eight #tres #currentmood

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"I can't hold this back forever …" #Eleven #Tres #CurrentMood

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"Let's keep on twisting the throttle until tonight is tomorrow …" #twelve #tres #currentmood

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Country stars are always coming up with clever ways to reveal album art, titles and track lists, but this one has raised the bar.

Well done, Dustin!

This country star used his Instagram for an amazing musical tease Instagram/@DustinLynchMusic
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