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One thing that we’ve noticed is a woman looks even sexier when she doesn’t even realize how hot she is. And we aren’t altogether sure that country singer Jessie James Decker realizes that she absolutely sizzles, especially in a photo she recently shared on Instagram.

Enjoying a sunny, but not too humid weekend in Nashville, Jessie let her babies play outside in their kiddie pool while she sat close by getting a dose of organic vitamin D. In the background you can see the tot’s awesome jungle gym and, in the foreground, you see her legs. Legs. For. Days.

Now, anyone that has seen Double-J knows that she’s a petite little thing, not much bigger than a minute. But in this picture, her sun kissed, shapely stems stretch out for a mile.

Home sweet home 🏡 watchin babies play in baby pool while I get some vitamin d ☀️

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It wasn’t all about play this weekend, though, unless you mean playing football.

The proud mother and wife took the two children she shares with husband Eric Decker of the Tennessee Titans to see daddy at football training camp. While pretty little Vivianne spotted her uniformed pops right away, little “Bub” (Eric Jr.) took a minute longer. However, when he saw big sis run into their father’s muscular arms, he sprinted away, wubbie in hand.

This family, y’all. They are precious beyond compare.

Visiting daddy at camp. Bub didn't recognize him bless his heart hahah

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