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Country star RaeLynn hasn’t talked to her husband, Josh Davis, in person in more than two months. He’s been away at basic training as he begins his career in the military, and RaeLynn is counting down the days until they’re reunited. He’s coming home next week.

The only way RaeLynn and Josh can communicate regularly is by writing letters back-and-forth. It’s better than no communication at all, but Rae admits it’s a challenge to get all of her thoughts and feelings down in writing.

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She tells Rare Country, “Josh is the first person I [would] text when I wake up, the last person I talk to before I go to bed. To not have that there, have that person to lean and talk to, is hard. You have to sum it all up in a letter, it’s like, ‘Well, how do I remember everything that happened that day?’ So, you have to write little notes so you can remember what to tell him.”

Though she hates being separated from Josh, RaeLynn knows it’s just for a season. She’s also realizing there’s truth to that old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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“It’s definitely a different side to our relationship, but I know it’s going to grow our relationship so much more,” RaeLynn says.

The entire situation reminds RaeLynn of that ultimate romantic film, “The Notebook,” but they don’t have nearly as much drama.

She says with a laugh, “I feel like we’re like Noah and Allie, but we have a really great ending.”

Josh inspired quite a few songs on RaeLynn’s full-length debut album, “WildHorse,” available now.

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