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Since it’s opening in 2013, the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville has been a huge draw for fans from all over the world.  Three years after opening their doors, the museum is already talking expansion.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, the expansion will add 1,600 square feet and increase the museum’s exhibits by 40 percent by mid-February. Initial plans outlined in the Tennessean include the potential for a third floor special event space and a new performance venue as well. This is all in addition to the new Sun Records Café, a 24-hour diner opening next door.

Part of what Cash fans will see in that new exhibit space will be costumes and props from the 2005 Johnny Cash biopic movie “Walk The Line.”

“For the first time in history, costumes and props worn and used by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in ‘Walk The Line’ will be on display for the public to enjoy,” said museum founder Bill Miller.

The museum has been a huge hit since it opened its doors. Rolling Stone included it in its Top 10 Tennessee Spots for Music Lovers, while Conde Nast Traveler ranked it No. 1 among the top Must Visit Museums for Music Lovers worldwide.

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