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For the past few days, we’ve been watching and reading about the painful bicycle accident that resulted in Luke Bryan breaking his clavicle just prior to the kick off of his annual Farm Tour. While some artists would have canceled a show or two, Luke pressed on. With his arm in a sling and a bruise the size of Texas on his hip, he played three shows with a smile on his face, an occasional grimace and a tiny bit less bumping and grinding.

And fans were overjoyed by his “the show must go on” attitude. That doesn’t sound like an artist with a big head, does it?

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Turns out Luke’s noggin is a little large, though. During his Oct. 7 show in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, the country star singled out one of his younger fans, as he often does, while singing “Roller Coaster.” The little boy was obviously enchanted, never breaking eye contact with his hero. And Luke? He was equally engaged with the young cowboy, swapping his baseball cap for the youngster’s straw hat. Of course, Luke’s ball cap immediately fell over the boy’s ears and eyes, while the little fan’s hat barely held onto the back of the singer’s head.

So precious ❤️ #LukeBryan #TeamLuke #FarmTour2016 credit to the lovely @ashherb94 😘

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He is such a sweetheart ❤️ #TeamLuke #LukeBryan #FarmTour2016

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Knowing how hilarious he looked, Luke leaned into the young man for a photo before kissing him on the top of his head and swapping hats again.

From the look on that little boy’s face, a lifetime memory was made with the guy with the big head, smile and heart.

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