He’s a man with a baby face that is slaying all the girls. He’s a guy who acts shy when he really just wants to be loud. And he just might be one of the coolest new guitar slingers in country music at the moment.

He’s Tucker Beathard.

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“I taught myself how to play the guitar,” Tucker tells Rare Country during a recent stop in Chicago. “When I look back now, the biggest benefit I always had was being a drummer. It’s like you always have that metronome in your head. I’m really a drummer that picked up the guitar for melody’s sake, and I kinda just started to put my fingers where it sounded good. I think the best way to sum it up is that if you learn outside of the box, it’s just based on what sounds good to you and you end up having your own style that is going to stand out. I refuse to take any lessons now. I just want to play.”

Tucker’s unique style of playing can be heard all over the melody of his brand-new single, “Momma And Jesus.” His second single after his hit “Rock On,” the song tells the story of the people around you sometimes coming in to get you back on track when you start going off the rails. And as with all of the music that has come out of Tucker thus far, it perfectly tells his truth.

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“I’m passionate about the music that I make and making the music that sounds good to me,” Tucker says. “You just gotta stay true to yourself. There are a lot of people trying to tell you what to do and influence you and it leads to a lot of butting heads and comes across as you being a little punk.

Tucker then adds, laughing, “And I’m not saying I can’t be a little punk sometimes. It just comes from my intense passion for my music.”

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