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A father’s words remain with his daughter, long after they’re uttered from his legendary lips.

In a Rare Country Red Carpet Exclusive, Glen Campbell’s daughter talked about the fateful advice her father gave her, which she continues to follow to this day. “He told me to be a super person, and the star will follow,” said Ashley Campbell on the red carpet of tonight’s CMT Awards in Nashville. “He said that to me one time and I just kind of took it to hear. No matter how successful you are in life, if you aren’t a good person and not nice to everyone else, it’s not going to mean anything.”

Walking the red carpet alongside daughter Ashley and son Shannon, Glen Campbell’s wife Kimberly also gave Rare Country an update on Glen’s current condition. “Glen is very healthy and cheerful,” she said. “He is having some trouble communicating right now sadly as his disease progresses. A lot of times you lose your language skills and that’s beginning to happen to him but he’s still living in the moment and enjoying every day surrounded by love and family.”

Our prayers continue to be with Glen and his family.

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