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Country newcomer Drake White is taking you into his own private hideaway in his brand-new lyric video for “Livin’ the Dream.” That’s his wife, Alex, co-starring in him with the clip, shot at their five-acre spread just north of Nashville.

Drake tells Rare Country, “We’ve been out there a year-and-a-half. I’ve got a little pond on the property. Got some dogs. That’s kind of my happy spot. That’s where I go to chill out and relax.”

As you can tell from the clip above, Drake gets some hard work done on the farm.

He says, “I’ve always enjoyed projects and always been a do-it-yourself guy. You know, this video was shot out there, and it’s just beautiful.”

That’s him cutting his own fire wood, which leads to another one of Drake’s favorite pass times — building bonfires.

“I am a strong advocate for a good fire,” Drake says. “I love a good fire and sitting around it. There’s a magic that can be sucked out of you around a fire. You know, a man who cuts his own wood gets warmed by it twice.”

We know you’ll love this song, and we look forward to big, big things to come for Drake White this year.

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