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There’s a reason that the term “mama’s boy” exists. It’s because there’s something just so special about the relationship between a mother and her son. While we don’t know if Scotty McCreery lives up to the conventional definition of a “mama’s boy,” we can definitely see the love and respect between the two.

Back on his very first album, “Clear As Day,” and before Scotty really had his songwriter legs under him, the “American Idol” winner still managed to include two odes to mothers in the collection of music. One of the songs, “Back On the Ground,” continued to bring his mother to tears, months after the album was released.

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In a YouTube video dated July 2012, Judy McCreery is spotted adoringly watching her only boy perform “Back On the Ground.” With lyrics that tell the story of a child who has been gone from home and returns back to his loving mama, just the idea could bring a tear or two. For Judy, her son was actually living the words of that song, as his career had just begun its upward trajectory.

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Grab a tissue or two, and let’s enjoy this magical moment between mother and son.

And, y’all, hug your mamas.

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