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Scotty McCreery and his girlfriend, Gabi, just celebrated their five-year anniversary, and he sees no end in sight for their relationship. In fact, Scotty would be lost without his longtime love.

Gabi has a way of bringing out Scotty’s fun side, and you can see it in the photos of them dressed up as Charlie Brown and Snoopy or Chewbacca and Cookie Monster. After all these years together, Scotty and Gabi are just on the same wavelength.

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Scotty tells Rare Country, “We are very similar in a lot of aspects. We always say that, No. 1, she’s just incredible. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have her. But we’re both pretty goofy. We have the same kind of personalities. We have the slightest little awkwardness to us. We fit like a glove.”

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Gabi also offers Scotty stability as he tours from town to town performing for his fans.

He adds, “She’s been a great rock for me. Traveling as much as we do in this crazy business, it gets a little hectic sometimes, but she’s a grounding force for me. Love her to death. She’s awesome.”

Happy anniversary, Scotty and Gabi!

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