Surrounded by a group of thirty enthusiastic cheerleaders during a music video shoot, some artists would have focused in on tight shots of short skirts.

But not Scotty McCreery.

We know darn well that Scotty McCreery is a true Southern gentleman.

“Obviously they are pretty girls and all that, but what was really important to me was showcasing the strong aspect of those girls and their athleticism,” McCreery exclusively tells Rare Country of the video shoot for his current single “Southern Belle.”

“I just wanted to showcase strong ladies and strong women and this music video was a great way to do that.”

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video for “Southern Belle,” which serves as the first single from his upcoming third studio album, McCreery and his team sought out the talents of cheerleaders and bands from schools across the Nashville area to add a bit of excitement to the slick-looking video.

“We were praying that the girls didn’t fall because they were flipping way up in the air,” chuckled McCreery. “It scared me watching them do that stuff, but they were pros. They had huge cushions underneath them, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too soft of a landing if they did fall.”

Scotty McCreery shows off the true strength of a “Southern Belle” in this exclusive first look at the making of his new music video Vevo exclusive video
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