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Spring is here and that means trees are budding, flowers are blossoming, love is blooming and pitchers are warming up. Yes, along with all of the other glories of the season is the kick-off of major league baseball, and we wonder if anyone is as excited about that as Scotty McCreery.

Now, young Scotty, a former pitcher for the Garner High School baseball team, hasn’t tossed a curveball across the plate in a couple of years, but that does’t mean his passion for the sport has waned in any way. In fact, he loves it so much that it doesn’t matter who is playing or where it’s at — Scotty will be watching.

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On April 13, Scotty shared a photo on his Twitter page proving that if there is a Rawlings flying, he’s stopping everything he’s doing to catch a few innings. That includes a little league game in an undisclosed location. “Drove by a little league game and decided to come check it out,” he wrote. “Reminiscing like crazy.”

It’s doubtful these youngsters saw the celebrity spectator who was observing from the outfield or he may have gotten a a hot dog from concessions. That’s not why he stopped, though. Scotty was remembering a time in his youth when he couldn’t wait to hit the pitcher’s mound or slide into home, too.

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And if you think Scotty is handsome in a suit, wait until you see him in uniform!

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