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Scotty McCreery is a low-key guy most of the time, but he takes his birthday celebrations very seriously. That’s why Scotty is shutting his tour plans down this weekend and taking his pals down to Florida. Scotty turns 23 on Oct. 9, and his group of friends, who he calls “The State Eight,” will be joining him for a ride on his tour bus as they play golf in Nashville and Knoxville.

Scotty tells Rare Country, “It’ll be a lot of fun.”

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Of note, the guys were planning to go to the LSU-Florida game in Gainesville, but that was canceled due to Hurricane Matthew.

For those of you who haven’t ridden on a tour bus, there are some important rules about bathroom etiquette you have to follow on the bus.

Scotty says of his friends, “They all got that. They dirty [the bus] up a little more than my band does. I have to crack the whip a little bit on them.”

Make no mistake, Scotty is still a very young guy, but he’s come a long way from the teenager we first met when he shot to stardom on “American Idol.” In fact, Scotty is already starting to see the signs of aging.

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“I had to pull out a gray hair last week,” Scotty admits. “I did. It’s stressful, this life. It’s fun stress.”

That wasn’t Scotty’s first gray hair, but fans shouldn’t worry he’s going prematurely gray.

Says Scotty, “It’s only one at a time. One random one. It doesn’t happen often.”

So, would Scotty ever turn to hair dye to keep himself looking youthful? He’s not opposed to it.

Scotty adds, “I want the instant kind. I don’t want to have to mess with that stuff.”

Editor’s Note: This video on Scotty McCreery’s birthday plans was filmed before the announcement was made by the SEC on the afternoon of Oct. 6 that the LSU vs. Florida football game had been canceled. 

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