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Sam Hunt is now engaged to his long-time love Hannah Fowler, and that big development may have something to do with some changes he made last year.

When his debut album, “Montevallo,” became a runaway success, Sam’s life kicked into overdrive. That meant he was on the road away from his friends and family most days of the year. Sam just couldn’t keep that pace up, so he made sure he had plenty of time to hang with friends and family this past year.

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“It’s nice to have a little more balance in my life now,” Sam said late last year. “You know, I’ve blocked a lot more time this year to be around the house and to create opportunities to go back home and see my folks if I want to one week or take a little getaway vacation one week.”

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We’ve seen the photos from those getaways, and several of the shots include Hannah.


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Sam adds, “It’s been nice, and I’ve gotten to see my folks and hang with my buddies and catch up with people I didn’t get to see as much.”

Sam’s fans will also be happy to know he’s spent a lot of time in the studio writing and recording new material. He gave us a taste of that new music on New Year’s Day with the song “Drinkin’ Too Much,” which seems to speak to a rough patch in Sam and Hannah’s relationship.

Obviously, the couple is in a much better spot now. Look for more new music from Sam to drop soon.

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