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Kid Rock is known for his bad-boy image and having rock hits like “Cowboy” and “Bawitaba.” But he just might trade out his musician role for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

OK, OK, maybe not.

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But, according to multiple reports, the famous rocker’s name was thrown out as a potential Republican candidate for Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow’s Senate seat, which is up for re-election in 2018. Debbie had held her position since 2000.

Kid Rock was brought into the discussion at a Michigan Republican Party convention on Feb. 11, as reported by The Detroit Free Press. Tea party activist Wes Nakagiri, who attended the event, commented on the Romeo native’s potential to take up the position, calling it an “out-of-the-box idea” that could “generate as much excitement as [Donald] Trump did.”

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Though it may seem odd for Kid Rock to even consider launching a political campaign, anything is possible. After all, the self-described libertarian has lent his voice to politics on numerous occasions. In addition to that, he was an avid Donald Trump supporter during the 2016 presidential campaign and previously introduced a line of pro-Trump merchandise through his online store.

So far, though, there is no word on whether or not Kid Rock will decide to join the next political run.

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