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Little by little, details on the new television show featuring Reba McEntire have trickled out, with the most recent tidbit being the name of the new series — “Red Blooded.”

Reba spilled the beans about the title during an exclusive interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, along with a few other pieces of news about the show that is being called a “Southern Gothic soap opera.”

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“ABC had two notes for us: ‘Expand upon this and expand upon that,’” she told Cody. “It wasn’t ‘Take that out’ or ‘Fix this.’ We’re thrilled to pieces… Hopefully… ABC will say it’s a go, and we’ll start filming in the middle of July.”

This is Reba’s third starring role in a television series, but her first in a dramatic role. In her previous forays into episodic television, she starred as Reba Hart in the successful series “Reba,” and then as Reba McKenzie in “Malibu Country.” Both roles exploited the country star’s ready sense of humor and incredible comedic timing. The red-head’s new gig as Kentucky sheriff Ruby Adair is vastly different.

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She said, “I’m a dark character. I’ve got a lot of flaws and demons, and I’m having a lot of problems in my personal life. My town is being disrupted and I’m having to deal with it all. I’m under a lot of stress.”

Cody confirms that the pilot for the series has been shot, so fingers crossed that we have an estimated air date soon.

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