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Reba McEntire’s relationship with God began when she was just a little girl hanging out with her Grandma Smith in Oklahoma. They’d sit outside, and Reba would just take it all in as her grandma taught her hymns and told her Bible stories.

To this day, Reba continues her conversations with God while outdoors on her property in Tennessee.

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She tells Rare Country, “That’s my church. Outside’s my church.”

It was on one of those long walks that Reba started singing a new song, “I Got the Lord on My Side.” The song came to her as a prayer.

She explains, “I was walking and praising the Lord. I was just so happy. I started singing, ‘I’m so happy. I got the Lord on my side.'”

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Reba goes on to say she’s seen the power of prayer firsthand in her life. No matter what difficulties she’s facing, Reba knows prayer is the answer for changing your perspective and giving it all to God.

“It gets your mind off of yourself,” Reba says. “It is worship. It’s thankfulness. It’s grateful. It’s basically saying, ‘You’re the greatest thing in the world. You are the world. You are it.’ It’s just taking care of other people in your life who you pray for. Basically, taking it off you and just giving it to Him. All your worries, all your troubles, all your cares, just give it up to Him. He’s a big boy. He can handle it.”

“I Got the Lord on My Side” is just one of 20 tracks featured on Reba’s new inspirational album, “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope,” available now.

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