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It’s no secret that country music icon Reba McEntire is one big star. But, perhaps her heart is even bigger.

She proved that on Friday, Oct. 7, when she made a surprise appearance in Denison, Texas. But, the most heartwarming part of all is that it was all for one very special reason.

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You see, years ago some of Reba’s family members were treated at Texoma’s Medical Center. According to KXII, it was an experience that made Reba want to help the loved ones who often spend time in the waiting room. So she dreamed up the idea of building Reba’s Ranch House.

The facility, which has been around for 25 years, has become a home away from home for many families visiting loved ones in area hospitals. And, Reba was on hand to share the 25th anniversary moment with first responders, volunteers and supporters.

“I said, ‘Sure, I’ll help. I’ll bring everybody I know to come down and we’ll have some fun and sing some songs,’” said Reba about surprising locals.

Texoma Health Foundation Chair Brett Graham added,”30,000 families going through their hard times, their darkest times, have been able to come here and find hope and comfort.”

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Another celebration was also added in conjunction to the hospitality house anniversary — the 30-year milestone of Reba’s first-ever benefit concert that helped raise funds for the creation for Reba’s Ranch House.

But, that’s not all. Reba was also given a surprise of her own at the event. She was honored with a collection of memorabilia, which will fill the walls of Reba’s Ranch House now dubbed as “The House that Reba Built.”

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