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Our prayers go out to RaeLynn and her husband, Josh Davis, as they mourn the passing of a very special loved one.

On May 15, the 23-year-old country singer took to Instagram with heartbreaking news that her husband’s grandfather had passed away.

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She writes, “Josh’s papa passed away today. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Josh being away when all of this is happening. [I’m] praying for my husband and family so much right now.”

“[I’m] so thankful for all the joy, wisdom and example of a real man papa showed to Josh,” she added, “Please say a prayer for the whole family. 💜”

Josh’s grandpa’s death comes at an extremely fragile time, as he is unable to be home with family. He is currently off serving in the United States Military.

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Due to his honorable sacrifice, which the married couple revealed in February, Josh and RaeLynn have sporadically gone months without seeing each other. They recently reunited for a weekend in April, but RaeLynn has to wait until May 31 before the love of her life comes back from basic training. We’re pretty sure she’s counting down the days until she can offer him comfort.

We send all of our love and condolences to Josh, RaeLynn and their extended families, during this difficult time.

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