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It’s been three years since Mindy McCready went silent.

Mindy is the true definition of overnight success. In one year, Mindy went from a complete unknown to a chart-topping superstar.

Her debut song, “Ten Thousand Angels” from the album by the same name, rose to No. 6 on the charts. It was then topped by her second single, “Guys Do It All The Time,” which shot all the way to No. 1. Less than six months later, she was on Billboard’s Top 10 again with “A Girl’s Gotta Do (What A Girl’s Gotta Do).”

Unfortunately, Mindy never regained the traction or success she had with her first album. Of the 12 songs she released after that, only one cracked the Top 20.

Her personal life also unraveled but at twice the speed. A relationship with pro baseball player Roger Clemens came to light, a risqué video surfaced, and she became embroiled in a number of problems with the law, including drugs, identity theft, probation violations resulting in jail time.

In the end, life was too much for the then 37-year-old fallen star and mother of two. She took her own life on Feb. 17, 2013.

But, her angelic voice and beautiful spirit live on.

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