Nicole Kidman admits she and Keith Urban’s family isn’t “conventional,” but they do take steps to make sure their daughters, 8-year-old Sunday and 5-year-old Faith, lead as normal lives as possible. That’s why the kids have only seen one of Nicole’s dozens of hit movies.

Nicole tells “The Daily Mail,” “My little girls have no idea what I do for a living. The one film they have seen of mine is ‘Paddington,’ but it was no big deal. But that’s how we keep it, as Keith says, ‘We want daughters, not fans.'”

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When it comes to disciplining their daughters, Nicole says Keith is the strict one while she’s “big on love, small on rules.”

“My daughter says we are a crazy bunch, and we do everything together,” Nicole adds. “When I’m not working, I do the school runs. We’re both there for the school concerts, the sports carnivals, the play dates. Friday is the big day because it’s the start of the weekend, and we do silly things like disco dance together.”

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We can only imagine how cool it will be when Faith and Sunday finally start watching their mom’s vast catalog of movies. We can only think they’ll adore her in “Moulin Rouge” and cry while watching her Oscar-winning turn in “The Hours.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban keep their kids in the dark about this aspect of their lives Getty Images/Todd Williamson
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