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When you are the only woman going over 170 miles per hour with a track full of men, you have to be tough. You have to show that you can handle the pressure and the competition, plus the fact that at any moment, you could see your life flash before your eyes.

That’s been Danica Patrick’s life – for most of her life.

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Danica has been forced to hold her own in the mostly male-dominated field of auto racing for many years. However, the tough NASCAR competitor recently showed off her tender side when discussing her feelings about how her dear mom has served as an inspiration to her all of her life.

“She’s just a great, great person,” Danica recently told Rare Country. “She’s kind and she’s always been someone I go to when I need to be comforted. I feel like that’s the role of moms, and my mom definitely does a great job with that.”

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Of course, Danica says that her brutal NASCAR schedule doesn’t leave enough time to spend with one another. “I wish my mom and dad could be at the race every weekend, but they make it to as many as possible,” Danica explains. “I’m very grateful to have such great parents.”

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