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As everyone was watching as the clock struck midnight, chances are that Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s eyes were affixed on just one thing on Dec. 31 – his bride.

The NASCAR superstar happily wedded longtime love Amy Reimann in a star-studded New Year’s Eve wedding, sharing his thoughts on the special moment in the morning of January 1.

“Happily married!!!,” he said in a tweet that included a darling picture of the happy twosome. “What an amazing experience. Looking forward to the rest of our lives ‪@Amy_Reimann. ‪#honeymooners.”

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His new wife also tweeted her feelings early in the morning of Jan. 1, teasingly saying, “I sure wish my husband would wake up! ‪@DaleJr.”

Many NASCAR fans were certainly up scouring for any pics from the wedding ceremony on New Year’s Eve night, and Danica Patrick gave them what they were looking for, giving an inside look at the beauty of the night and showing off that she was the lucky one to catch Amy’s bouquet!

Ohhhhhh, who caught the bouquet?! 😜💐

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Dale actually asked Amy to marry him in June 2016, while they were vacationing in Germany.

We wish Dale and Amy all the best as they begin what will certainly be a bright future for the two of them!

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