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It’s hard to believe that it’s been four months since beautiful Meghan Linsey shared terrifying photos after she was bitten by a highly toxic brown recluse spider.

The country singer-songwriter has been remarkably candid, updating fans, friends and family along the way with graphic photos and explicit details on her recovery. From meeting with toxicologists in Nashville to seeing wound care specialists in South Carolina, Meghan was proactive in her healthcare. And even when she was told that the bite would get worse before it got better — and it did — she remained active, open and a positive spirit in the midst of a troubling situation.

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Her positivity has paid off, though. Meghan just shared a new before/after photo on her Instagram page, and the difference is remarkable. She writes, “Can’t believe how fast my wound healed and how my scar is softening.”

Meghan’s cheek does still bear a scar, but it is considerably lighter than it was and shows no signs of scabbing.

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The petite blonde, who recently visited with folks at the NutriSystem Summer Bash, continued to tour while she was receiving treatment, and she also was spotted in the recording studio. No word on whether those sessions will result in a new album from Miss Meghan, but we sure hope so!

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